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The HP Mini 5103 could be the subsequent technology of netbook using the Atom dual-core processor and touch screen. it is aimed in the enterprise, with metallic development for durability, but purchasers may come about throughout it an awesome suit for their needs, too. The 10.1-inch display assists the 5103 preserve only a tiny footprint, however it consists of a practically full-sized keyboard.

The Mini 5103 HP sent us packs the brand new 1.5GHz Intel Atom N550 processor, 2GB of RAM, Broadcom’s Crystal HD accelerator, and runs glass windows 7 Professional. Now we’d would rather say we felt the performance improvements over single-core netbooks practically instantaneously, but that’s not the circumstance many thanks to an abundant amount of computer software preloaded up inside the 5103. In fact, just such as the 5102, the whole method was instead sluggish right up until we went and disabled two from the three McAfee safety applications. When all is stated and done, the 5103 definitely felt snappy for just about any netbook. We’re not speaking root i3 energy here, of course. Our standard netbook schedule — composing this evaluation in microsof company Word, operating Firefox using a handful of tabs available and hearing in the direction of the brand new Weepies compact disk in iTunes — felt more quickly than usual. And when we additional playback of the 720p film to the blend the CPU utilization shot up, but didn’t induce something else to truly slow down. Don’t get us wrong, the 5103 even now feels like a netbook, but toggling in between glass windows and opening functions felt snappier than our Atom N450-packing Toshiba Mini NB305, although not as quick since the dual-core Atom D525-powered Eee PC 1215N or even the AMD Athlon II Neo K325-powered Dell Inspiron M101z.

Intel’s even now relying on its GMA 3150 artwork so there isn’t an awesome offer of the alter inside the artwork front, although we’ve been informed the processor alone really should look after 720p content product without any a trouble now furthermore to entire display flash video. The dual-core CPU also speeds up film encoding. Converting a 27MB .mov document to .mp4 took two mins and 56 seconds inside the Mini 5103, while it took 3:24 inside the one root Toshiba Mini NB305. That’s an improvement, but not as quick since the Eee PC 1215N’s 2:03. identical goes for gaming — it could look after world of Warcraft at 13 frames every second, however the brand new CPU doesn’t alter Atom’s terrible gaming reputation.

It’s difficult to say once the dual-core CPU will make an awesome offer of the variance within of the world of HD film playback thinking about that our Mini 5103 arrived with Broadcom’s Crystal HD. we are able to inform you the Broadcom chip took treatment of actively playing nearby 720p and 1080p film in glass windows advertising Player. When it arrived to Flash video, a 720p YouTube film carried out really smoothly even at entire screen, but upping it to 1080p brought on some stuttering as well as several of film and audio tracks to fall away from sync. Conversely, the AMD-powered Inspiron M101z and Ion-packing Eee PC 1201N have no matters actively playing back again 1080p streaming content. over the way, the 5103 even now doesn’t have an HDMI port.

The 5103 has all from the common ports for utilizing peripherals, which consists of three USB 2.0 (one is eSATA compatible), VGA out, audio tracks in, audio tracks out, RJ-45 as well as a Kensington lock slot. Theres a wireless change for turning Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) and wireless (2.1) on and away easily, and two buttons in between the keyboard and display that will fire up HPs QuickWeb and QuickLook utilities: Linux-based functions to begin the 5103 in to a web-only or an Outlook-only surroundings without any booting entire Windows.

It requires as well lengthy to boot up Windows, so HP has made a brand recognize new DayStarter power that permits end users to look at calendar occasions and unit battery standing while the boot is in progress. in the celebration you cannot pace up the process, no much lower than make the time invested a whole whole lot more useful.

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