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Recently as a “pottery aircraft carrier” and “disguised layoffs,” Supremacy, raises a number of industry public relations crisis for the discussion of the ceramic industry. In this regard, the South senior reporter of a media group that the lack of ceramic-based public relations business sense, a leading enterprise in the information disclosure mechanism of the lag and lack of awareness of the crisis public relations has led to “downsizing” and “bankruptcy” of the dust on that noise, from which we can see that awareness of the ceramic industry, the lack of public relations.

This, President Liu Xiaoming Tao City newspaper entitled “to prevent a downturn in corporate public relations crisis, the ‘butterfly effect’,” a paper expressed similar views: Why in the media after the company publicly reported no public rumor, but is to continue to remain silent, so the rumor continues to spread and even increase? Why a production scale of billions of leading companies actually have not established spokesperson system, no mechanism to establish the image of Public Emergency?

Think after Jishi Duo Bathroom “Bankruptcy” event, corporate approach is quickly held a news conference, through the mainstream media publish information to prove that the “bankruptcy” purely rumor, though unsure of Proxy Business this reaction, but at least earned for themselves in the media level, the “innocent.” From this year’s macro-economic environment, business shutdowns and layoffs have become the norm. Ceramic industry veteran Zhang Yongnong pointed out that many companies can not sell bricks to continue production will enter a vicious circle, more harm than good, suspend the kiln should be sensible.

Grad. Faction in the gloomy atmosphere in the industry, some companies are still thriving, has not been significantly affected. Recently, the reporter learned from a sanitary business, the company has reached a renowned actor commercial endorsement line Cooperation Intent, is expected to be signed by year’s end, after a bath industry following benefits up to hire another star endorsement to the world.

Up only with the request of Betty Sun Hui different, Betty Sun fashion a clean image, is relatively young, which employ more mature men and star images, the image of public service activities as a number of ambassadors, the image of healthy, stable, is has a large number of married women “auntie killer.” In recent years, home building materials industry, the rise of celebrity endorsements hot start, though not as food, clothing and other industries in general, but also to be getting worse, Bao-Guo Chen speak for the “surprise of the House,” spokesperson Kelly had TOTO, Deng Jie Mu ware also made to the 9 over time the brand ambassador, Fujian, some plumbing companies hire a star hardware products speak for, but less information is not known to the public.

Senior Camp Pin Mr. Ye who believe that celebrity endorsements is a company in the industry in one important way. Dare to eat crab first tasted the sweetness of the enterprise often, also the largest return on investment. Brand-name recognition for the need of small businesses, the role of celebrity endorsements larger and more critical. But celebrity endorsements are also some disadvantages, if the voice image, was bound to drag its endorsement of the brand be affected, company spokesman, probably because of inappropriate behavior and speech, and completely unable to play the effectiveness of celebrity endorsements, but not worth the candle, led by corporate image loss.

Therefore, in order to take preventive measures, companies hire celebrities have the endorsement of the foundation, you must learn to crisis public relations, two-pronged approach, possible duplication of efforts, achieve better results.

In respect of the current ceramic sanitary ware industry, the courage to try not many business celebrity endorsements, public relations for the crisis is the lack of knowledge and practice, and many business celebrity endorsements usually short-term behavior, so you can short time “catch-up” to make up for the lack of experience. However, the Institute of Public Relations, to establish a good corporate image is a long-term projects, each firm is “compulsory.” Therefore, whether or not to hire a star to do endorsements, or is the intention, first ask yourself this before, have the product well, it is not sufficiently prepared to cope with any public relations crisis may come?

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