Website Traffic is critical to every website

Do you know how to get free web traffic? Do you know how to even get any web traffic? What steps do you need to follow? What paths should you take? How do you find free web traffic sources? Don’t worry if you do not have the answers, you are not the only one. This article will answer your questions and more.

How do you get free web traffic? How do you even get traffic to your sites? The best system for getting guaranteed traffic to your site is Jason Rossi’s “Guaranteed Traffic System.” This system is part of the “Guaranteed Profits System” and comes with the system. The system covers over 14 proven methods to generate a flood of traffic to any website.

Traffic generating methods can be challenging at times, however there are a few methods that will bring you traffic and do it for free.

1. Article Marketing
2. Press Releases
3. Social Bookmarking
4. Blogs

Article marketing is by far the number one way to generate free traffic to any website. However, it takes time to generate the traffic. The reason being, you are limited to the amount of articles that you can submit. However, once an article is listed, it remains on the Internet indefinitely. This is great for you because it is constantly pointing a link back to your site.

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Press releases are another great way to generate traffic to your sites. However, unless you write a well written release your traffic will be short lived. This is simply because press releases age. As they age they drop off. That is unless you create a well thought out release, which can then be picked up and becomes more like an article.

Social bookmarking is all the rage now. This allows you to join multiple networks like Facebook, Twitter and so on. You can create a post with a link to your sites and start to funnel traffic to your sites.

Blogs are also another great way to generate traffic to your sites. You can post articles, thoughts, products and so on. You can also leave links to your site.

There are many other ways to generate a flood of traffic to your sites, some free and some not. The 4 listed tend to be the easiest and best known. The point here to notice, you are trying to create “virtual real estate”, a number of sites pointing back to your main page.

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